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Duke Engines | All information about Duke Engines

Duke Engines | All information about Duke Engines Duke Engines | All information about Duke Engines Find out how technology from Duke Engine in car increases the efficiency of the internal combustion engine. duke engine running New Car Mad Engines this video is a duke engine test for sound and dyno and of course also of powered car 10 Best Sounding Flat Engines PLACE 37.09024 -95.71289 SOURCE John Garvey talks


Sources & Credits: Hüttlin-Kugelmotor-Hybrid V8 Paper Model Engine Free Piston Engine OPOC Engine Duke Axial Hybrid Sabre Engine Bacterial Spore Engine Hybrid Sterling Homemade – EM Space Drive Other Clip Purchased From Envato Freevalve Camless Engine Music: “Escape From Area 51” By K1Woods Licence purchased from Author: JD Rock < p class=”wpematico_credit”>Powered by WPeMatico

25k Castle Siege(Improvement In AI Pathfinding) - Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator

Yes, this is a game!(Not released) More info @ Much of my hair has been pulled out over this problem since the start, but I have finally done it. Complex path-finding and navigation on a scale like no other. Each individual can now plan their own path regardless of the scenes complexity. Paths are NOT restricted/shared to groups like other games. This opens doors to infinite possibilities, with mesmerizing

CGI 3D/VFX Spot: "Dennis the Robot" - by Ixor Visual Effects /

Watch this heartwarming 3D animated spot called “Dennis The Robot”, a touching tale of Dennis, a robot lost in the big city after his loving family forgot the last box as they move to a new home! Created for Protergia Energy by the talented folks over at Ixor Visual Effects! For more information, please see the details and links below: IXOR was established in 2005 and offers CG visuals

CGI 3D Animated Spot: "Claras Enlightenment" - by LittleWaterStudio

Check out this nice CGI Animated Spot – Official new spot from Leica Microsystems product series: This is Clara, a little zebrafish x lanternfish hybrid we designed for Leica Microsystems. Clara lives in a petri plate and is RFP modified. She is friendly, kind, a little cheeky and curious. When she gets spotlighted by a green light, her bait illuminates in red. For more information, please see the details and

CGI & VFX Showreels 4K: "VR 360 Reel" - by VIVE STUDIOS

Enjoy this VR 360 reel by the talented team at VIVE STUDIOS! VIVE STUDIOS is a professional visualization company with genuine artists and technologists. They are creators, artists and storytellers for all types of media in the technical background of VR, AR, CGI, VFX and film. Committed to their fans, their people and their clients. They always endeavor to create stunning stories and experience all ways. Tweets by vivestudios

Speed digital painting - Affinity Photo

You can find me on: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Behance: Music: “Slowmotion” Author: Agata Kubiak < p class=”wpematico_credit”>Powered by WPeMatico

What is Star Wars Doing About Princess Leia? - The Know Movie News

Carrie Fisher, who made the character Princess (and General) Leia iconic, will be missed by fans the world over. Her character was due to play a significant role in the new Star Wars movie trilogy… so what are Disney and Lucasfilm going to do about it? Written By: Brian Gaar Hosted By: Ashley Jenkins and Jon Risinger Get More News ALL THE TIME: Follow The Know on Twitter: