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Continuing the stardust series, this piece will be appearing in theOil, 24 x 30 inches Author: Rob Rey   Powered by WPeMatico

707 NYCC By ArtGerm

Hi guys, I am heading over to New York Comic Con this weekend and this is the special print you can get for free for every 3 prints purchased. Please drop by my table at the Artist Alley Y-1. Looking forward to meet you! Author: by_artgerm Powered by WPeMatico


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A new piece I’ll be bringing to Illuxcon next week in Reading, PA. For thousands of years, multitudes of agricultural societies have worshiped this bringer of light and warmth, knowing it’s critical (if magical seeming) role in growing their life-sustaining crops. Our sun is the engine that powers our solar system. With slight exception, all the energy we use came from this star. Temperature variations on the earth’s surface drive


new art! creepy for october. it’s actually a coincidence that i managed to finish this one off this month, but a lucky one! drawn in photoshop cs5.5 with a cintiq 24HD. questions? FAQ find me on: facebook | instagram | blog | Author: Powered by WPeMatico