Impossible LOV3 ver.4

Hey guys! I decided it was time for an update for this piece – couldn’t stand looking at the old one. This will look very familiar to a lot of you and I tried to capture the essence of the previous versions but mature it a bit and fix some really bad issues that had been haunting me for a long time. Feel free to check out the image process

When the Wind Rises

ONLINE SHOP YUUMEIART.COMFACEBOOKTUMBLRTWITTERPIXIVYOUTUBEINSTAGRAM ARTSTATION During my visit at Rapyuta Robotics in Japan, I found the rooftop lined with small wind turbines. They reminded me of the rooftops in Knite so I snapped a photo and painted over it with Sen. My team are still working hard on all the 3D models needed for the remake of Knite. I’ve posted a few character design progress so far and I’ll be posting some

White Crystal Dragon

Another one… Edit :  Thank you for the advice everyone. my fb :… Author: Powered by WPeMatico