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Flexible and Modern Worksharing Space in Germany

Holzmassivhaus is the brainchild of MIND Architects Collective. Located in Mainz-Bischofsheim, Germany, a suburban community of around 12,000 near Frankfurt, this 233 square meter home is flexible and unobtrusively modern. The client was an active part of the design process in envisioning his new home; a home office that combined the benefits of private urban living with the flexibility of communal working space. Flexibility was a guiding factor in the design, ensuring that public

In My Loneliness

ONLINE SHOP YUUMEIART.COMFACEBOOKTUMBLRTWITTERPIXIVYOUTUBEINSTAGRAM ARTSTATION More Shelter fanart. There’s something about the loneliness and the childish wonder that feels so nostalgic to me. I spent much of my own childhood alone and lost in my imagination, but it was to escape my dysfunctional and abusive family. In a way, I’m jealous of Rin, at least she is there because of her father’s love. Author: < p class=”wpematico_credit”>Powered by WPeMatico

Community Church in Norway Displays Iconic Geometry

The Knarvik Community Church is located on the west coast of Norway (north of Bergen) and overlooks the local town center. The building— deigned by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter — is adapted to an existing hillside between man-made and natural environment. The church signals its function with a sacral dignity and a recognizable form. The compact volume is split into two stories on a rectangular plan, separating the sacred spaces above from the

Doctor Strange

Yesterday i saw a Doctor Strange movie and it was absolutelly awesome! I love everything about it. Here is ma fan-art :3 Hope you will enjoy it. Thank you    My instagram –  Author: Powered by WPeMatico

Building the SOLN1-2000 Watt Capacitor Solar Generator

Basic build overview of the SOLN1-2000. This system is still a work in progress. The basic BoostPack is now a lot easier to make. Project Links: Ready made prototypes at Tesla Maker: Author: lasersaber < p class=”wpematico_credit”>Powered by WPeMatico

Gleaming Bookshelf House in Paris Stores Creativity

This three-level home located in Paris, France, was recently renovated by Andrea Mosca Creative Studio. Named “Bookshelf House“, the project is defined by extensive woodwork. The inhabitants can interact with a variety of shelving units, which act as stair railing, office space dividers and storage boxes. “The aim of this project was to transform this dark, run-down home into a bright and warm space, add an office zone on the mezzanine and

Narrow Crooked House in Barcelona

The house was built in Sant Cugat del Vallès, a historic neighborhood of Barcelona, Spain. Designed and constructed by Josep Ferrando in 2014, the limitations on the project were clear before construction broke ground. First, the ground for the project was deeply uneven, with the plot located between two streets of completely different heights. The lot is hemmed in by other buildings on either side, making the usable ground no wider than

A Modern Cafe and Maker’s Space in Thailand

Architects Supermachine Studio teamed up with one of the largest developers in Thailand to build this unique creation space, located in Bangkok. Sansiri, a large development company, wanted to create this space in a mall in the center of a large residential neighborhood that they had developed. Their purpose was to create a hub for their “co-working” philosophy; a center space that would allow people to gather while working on their passions. Thus the