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Bounty Hunter

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4 Tips to Simplify Your Web Design

Simplicity can be a valuable asset, especially when it comes to web design. Simplicity makes websites look sleek, reduces navigation confusion, and it helps achieve the desired goals and results (i.e., more signups, subscribers, and sales) in the most efficient way possible. But too often, simplicity eludes many of us designers in our attempts at a well-designed site, often giving in to feature creep or scope creep or just plain

The VFX behind 72 grisly Game of Thrones deaths

Fans of fantasy drama Game of Thrones (that’ll be just about everyone, then) will know the show’s producers don’t shy away from blood and gore. Season 6 was one of the more gruesome yet – VFX studio Imagine Engine was responsible for many of the death scenes, using 3D art and VFX to hike up an impressive bodycount of 72 over the course of the season’s 10 episodes.  So the


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July 16, 1945: Atom bomb successfully tested

On this day in 1945, at 5:29:45 a.m., the Manhattan Project comes to an explosive end as the first atom bomb is successfully tested in Alamogordo, New Mexico. Plans for the creation of a uranium bomb by the Allies were established as early as 1939, when Italian emigre physicist Enrico Fermi met with U.S. Navy department officials at Columbia University to discuss the use of fissionable materials for military purposes.

UGEE M708 Review – Affordable Graphics Tablet

The UGEE M708 Digital Painting Graphics Tablet, is one of the most affordable graphics tablets out there. Don’t let the cheap price fool you. The UGEE M708 is definitely one of the most affordable tablets out there. You can sometimes pick one up for under $70. Which is incredible compared to other graphic tablet prices. […] The post UGEE M708 Review – Affordable Graphics Tablet appeared first on Photoshop Tutorials.

You must watch this Star Wars: The Last Jedi behind-the-scenes video

It’s a behind-the-scenes look at the next Star Wars flick, and everything is proceeding according to my plan that this movie will be ridiculously awesome. As soon as it was announced that Rian Johnson would be writing and directing The Last Jedi, I was sold on this flick. Johnson’s previous movies include Looper and Brick, which are both incredible, action-packed indies. We’ve seen some glimpses of the movie in a

Viking Ships UHC-Silo SSDs: 25 – 50 TB Capacity, Custom eMLC, SAS, $0.4 per GB

Viking Technology has started shipping their new lineup of ultra high capacity (UHC) SSDs designed to replace 3.5” HDDs in capacity-demanding applications that can take advantage of flash memory. The Viking UHC-Silo drives use planar eMLC NAND memory in custom packaging with raw NAND capacities of 25 TB and 50 TB, and consequently are currently the highest capacity SSDs available on the market. An increasing number of datacenters these days