Birb buddies!
On the last Backseat Drawing: Art ‘n Chill stream, I sent out lineart of this painting for people to follow along!

If you painted a version of your own, be sure to leave a link to it in the comments to this piece!  This automatically enters you to win a mug from my Society6 site!  I will draw the winner at 11:30 PM (June 12, 2017)!  Remember, the drawing is RANDOM! It is not based on skill :>

Thank you to all who came to the stream! Awwooooooo!!

Did you miss out on the stream but you still want to draw your own?  Download the PNG or PSD here:

Here’s the Twitch stream of this drawing being made:

This drawing was created during an episode of Backseat Drawing!  Join our art streams every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday at

Hang out with me and the Backseat Drawing pack on our Discord Server!  All are welcome!

Created with Adobe Photoshop CC


Paint Along Drawings:




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