CGI VFX Short Film: “Dragon Child” – by Dale Metz

CGI VFX Short Film: "Dragon Child" - by Dale Metz

CGI VFX Short Film:

Watch this VFX fantasy period short film called “Dragon Child” about a young woman’s (Tiffany Dion) carefree stroll on the coast that takes a terrifying turn, created by the talented Dale Metz. For more information, please see the details and links below.

Tiffany Dion

Director/Cinematographer, VFX, Sound Design, Editing by
Dale Metz

This was an experimental project created to explore and help develop animation skills and to composite with live action footage. The Dragon 3D resource was animated and rendered in DAZ3D with Nvidia IRAY render engine and composited in Adobe After Effects. This film was selected by the Melbourne Independent Film Festival to be scored by Adam Lydon and was screened in concert with the Space Coast Symphony Orchestra.

Director’s Cut Score
“Beautiful Messenger” Piano Mix
Dan O’Connor (

Chase Scene Orchestra Score by
Adam Lydon




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